Natural Reporter

Hi all,

We are developing a solution that will use Natural Reporter. This solution will be installed on several client machines. This installation cannot have Natural or Natural Runtime. We got to separate Natural and Natural Reporter, and so far, it works fine. However, the end-user wants to access SQL-Server in order to add some information in their application.

In our tests, whenever I try to access the database, an error appears when I am not an owner or administrator. Of course, the user is allowed to access by read-only.

Error: " The table: db01.tab1 could not be processed [Microsoft [ODBC Sql Server Drive [SQL Server] invalid object name “tab1”]"

You will be able to find attached all DLLs that Natural Reporter needs to use.

In order to solve it, either I need to have some DLLs additional to execute with no error or I need something else that I don’t know.

I would like to know if it would be possible to use this kind of solution, and if I need to know what DLLs or products are missing.

Does anyone know how I can solve it?

Thank you in advance.



It was impossible to attach the file, so, please, if someone wants to test it, send me an e-mail:


Please refer to the license agreement on the CD. You are not allowed to extract the reporter from Natural, without licensing Natural or Natural Runtime. For your information I include the important part of the agreement below.


This notice is valid for all products of the Adabas

Hi Michael,

Ok, thank you for reminding me about license agreement.

I tested using Natural Runtime and it worked.