Natural Reporter

Hello again.

I wonder if there’s a way to invoked Natural Reporter 2.6.9 from an external application but not Natural Ligthstorm. We have tried to invoked it in Visual Basic using …\runtime\v311\bin\natrpt.dll and its following methods (NRPTCANP, NRPTCLOS, NRPTCLSQ, NRPTDISC, NRPTGPOP, NRPTINIT, NRPTISPR, NRPTNEW, NRPTOPEN, NRPTOPNQ, NRPTPREV, NRPTPRNT, NRPTPRTF, NRPTQRPT, NRPTSELP, NRPTSHWA, NRPTSHWW, NRPTSPOP, NRPTSSEL, NRPTSUSR, NRPTTERM) but it doesn’t work.

Is it the way or there’s another solution? Can we invoked Reporter from Visual Basic?

Thank you.

I discovered that i can execute reporter.exe in the command line with the path and name of the reporter and the command /preview as follows:

c:\natural\runtime\bin\reporter.exe myreport.rpt /preview

This is a first solution to my problem but now i need the reporter.exe list of commands such as /preview. I wonder if i can send it to the printer with a command, …