Natural Reporter


I have a problem with Natural Reporter. My developing version of Natural Ligthstorm is 3.1.1 Pl 16 for windows. I usually call Natural Reporter 2.6.9 inside my code to list information in the screen or directly to the printer.

The piece of code i use to call Natural Reporter and list the information in the screen is:
process reporter action initialize
process reporter action open with name-report id-report
process reporter action preview with id-report
process reporter action close with id-report
process reporter action terminate
process gui action hourglass-remove
close dialog *dialog-id

When i call Natural Reporter and it opens something extrange happens. If i press Ctrl+Alt+Supr and consult the percentage of CPU’s usage … it’s at 100%!!!

The client i work for says i’m not programing as it migth be programed. But i think this is a Natural Reporter error because although the percentage is 100% i can use my computer as if it were at 20% or less.

What’s happening? It’s me? It’s Natural Reporter? How can I solve it?
Please, help me.
Thank you.

Can you reproduce the problem with Natural 6.1.1 and Natural Reporter 2.6.37? Which Windows version are you using?

I can reproduce the problem with Natural 4.1.2 PL6 and Natural Reporter 2.6.16, but i can’t in Natural 6.1.1 because i don’t have it.

I discovered the problem with Windows 2000 Professional but yesterday i reproduced it in Windows XP Professional (in both windows versions i tested Natural 3.1.1-Reporter 2.6.9 and Natural 4.1.2-Reporter 2.6.16).

Hi, this problem is always hapen, i think thi Reporter of Natural is to ineficiento with windows memory.