Natural Reporter "parameters"

Quite a number of years ago I became aware of the facility called Natural Reporter which is “built in” to Natural on the PC. I immediately changed the subscription system for my newsletter, Inside Natural,
to utilize Reporter.

Basically, I ran routines from the system, which is totally coded in PC Natural, which generated work files. Then I would initiate Natural Reporter and edit/print the appropriate reports. It finally occurred
to me that I did not have to initiate the Reporter “manually”. By using USR1052, I could start up the Reporter from within my Natural program. The obvious next step was to not only start up Reporter, but also pass USR1052 the name of the report I wished to print. This was quite simple, and saved me a few manual steps.

This weekend I started wondering about using USR1052 to also pass a print command to Reporter. I read the documentation that was available with Reporter. No clue about whether this could be done or not. I
tried COMPRESS’ing the command PRINT onto the string I was passing to Reporter. No luck. Then I decided to try passing ctrl-p (the print shortcut) to Reporter. In case anyone is curious, this is H’10’ (the web is
great for finding such obscure information). No luck again.

Then I went to the About Reporter on the toolbar. Discovered that Reporter was apparently written by Cypress Software Inc. Googled that, and discovered a lot about the organization, but nothing
about the allowed parameters for calling Reporter.

Does anyone know where to find an explanation of the possible parameters (and syntax) that can be passed to Reporter.