Natural reporter with QR code or other images

Hi all,
I’m trying to print a QR code using Natural Reporter. I’m already using reporter to print invoices, but now we have this need to print a QR code but I don’t have a solution yet.
I’ve tried to produce the QR code image with other apps and then to include it in Reporter, but that image is not updated, even when using a link in the editor.
Any idea to print this? Can someone help me on this?
Thanks and kind regards,
João Costa

Do you use ApplinX UI for you application?
In the past I used ApplinX as my interface to print barcodes.


Hi Eli,

I’ve used ApplinX many years ago also :-). But now I only use Natural and Reporter. For the bar codes I’m using the font C39HrP48DhTt and it works well.
The problem now is that I need to print a QR code ( 2D code), and I don’t a find a way to do it.
Even if I try to create an image for it, Natural reporter doesn’t update the image, it always prints the image used when reporter is saved.

João Costa

Then I would recommend to use 3rd party application which enable printing with API.


Thank you Eli.
I would like to continue using Natural Reporter because I’ve sent to much time doing documents with this.
One of the hardest parts is that I don’t find documentation for this product, except for the Natural Comand PROCESS REPORTER.

Anyone there still working with Natural Reporter or something equivalent that I can use instead?

Thanks a lot for you time,
João Costa[en.composer.underline_text]