Anyone knows if it's possible to display barcode on a map?

Hi, anyone has a clue ?

I know as to print a barcode from under Natural and ADABAS on any platform. One of variants it to write class (and it is possible and not a class using only subroutines and copycode) which creates PDF the document, we in sew to office and have made. And as is known standard PDF of the document is opened{open} so it can be realized having put{applied} a few{a little;little bit} efforts. And in PDF the document, as is known, it is possible to pictures, fonts, references{links} the text and many other things. On an output{exit} of work of the program there will be a document both with pictures, and with any fonts, and with any sample of database ADABAS. We realized{have realized} it on the mainframe, and the programmer at us only writes the program using the environment of development Natural on the mainframe.

I don’t have a clue, but let me ask you one question:

Do your really want to display the barcode on a screen or do you want to print it on paper?