IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS (v13.1 5655-Q09)

  1. Can we use ‘IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS (v13.1 5655-Q09)’ for ADABAS and / or Natural for performance?

SAG has ADABAS Review. I would also like a comparison if possible between the IBM’s product & ADABAS Review or any other that is relevant. Experiences, complexity etc.

Appreciate your responses.

Regards Feroz

You can use any performance monitor you like for Adabas and Natural.
However, in this context “performance” is a very generic term.
IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS is unlikely to have inbuilt knowledge about the inner workings of Adabas or Natural.

If you are looking for information regarding hardware resource consumption like CPU I/O or storage this analyzer may satisfy your needs.
You will be analyzing the Adabas and Natural nucleus at the address space level.

If you want to analyze your Natural applications finding out which Natural programs do lots of Adabas calls and which Adabas calls on which Adabas files take a long time to get processed you might be better of using a performance analyzer like Review, which has an inbuilt understanding what Adabas and Natural stands for.

Rainer Herrmann
Software AG