Partner ID mismatch in activity log - TN Error


We are getting a Partner ID mismatch error in the Activity Log (Security class) when we submit a XML document after the document got persisted in TN in wM 7.1. Document Type is identified correctly but the Processing Status is shown as “Aborted”. Is this related to security issue in 7.1?. The issue is not showing up in 6.5.

The full error message is " Partner X sent this document posing as unknown.".

Any inputs would be highly appreciated.



Have you checked the partner profile id’s/profiles in the IS/TN6.5 va 7.1 for this particular TP any thing missed in the migration?? Is the right processing rule is getting triggerred or selecting default rule?? There might be missing some pieces which can occur during upgrade/migration process…


The IS account used to post the document must either be in the TNAdministrator group (don’t add partners to the TNAdministrator group–this is intended for local admin/testing only) or associated with the partner profile that is associated with the document. This prevents partner X from logging in and posting documents using partner Y identifiers in the document.

Make sure the partner is logging in with the appropriate credentials and specifying the appropriate identifiers in the document.