Parsing .csv file and getting the error "Found No valid record "

Hi ,

I am trying to parse a comma separated .txt file and I am getting the error “Found No Valid records.”

Can someone assist on this.

I defined the structure in dictionary and then referred in schema.I used the record ID’s as 01,02 and 03.

I used a delimited Flat file definition with record delimiter as new line and field delimiter as ‘1’

Here is the Sample data :

“01”,“TEST”,“1234”,“test’ End Business Outfitters”,“20130706”,“20130802”
“02”,“4567”,“LE S3453332_SIN961154”,“test’ End Collection”,“Merchandise & Apparel”,“Questions: 800.497.6563”,“13.56”,“9.95”
“02”,“46845”,“LE S3434519_SIN940980”,“test’ End Collection”,“Merchandise & Apparel”,“Questions: 800.497.6563”,“57.65”,“19.90”
“02”,“3489”,“LE S3434398_SIN952502”,“test’ End Collection”,“Merchandise & Apparel”,“Questions: 800.497.6563”,“144.38”,“12.95”

Thanks in advance.

It is some issue with your FFSchema it self not matching to your csv file while parsing.

Did you select the Nth Field option when defining the field definitions definitions the field starts is 0,1,2,3 indexing

Also make sure hierarchy is this way you can adjust it while R&D

01 record definition with max repeat = single
–>02 with max repeat=unlimited
–>03 with max repeat = single



Thanks for your inputs.

After changing the Record Identifier to ‘1’ from ‘0’ ,it started working.

As the data has double quotes,record identifier started from the position ‘1’.


good to hear that!