Packages Missing!

Hi there experts !

For some reason I see my packages missing from the Admin Console.
I see those packages being loaded in the server log.
I checked the manifest file and they are set to be enabled.

When I goto Packages–>Management , my custom packages are missing.I only see native wM packages.

Any ideas?
Am I overlooking some config?? Any extended setting?

Here are the technical specs of my IS:
Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates IS_7-1-2_Core_Fix12
Build Number 124
SSL Strong (128-bit)
Java Version 1.5.0_19 (49.0)
on Solaris.

Your help is very much appreciated.
Scooby !

Hope you are not flitering the package list… cross check on clicking “Show all” packages under management.

have you tried to browse through folders (under management) may be your custom packages are associated with some acl to list.

Hey devexpert,
I made sure nothing was being filtered out.
And as for ACLs, they look OK too.
Any other thoughts, ideas?

have you migrated from these packages from older versions?

Ive asked people around and they said they did migrate from an older version of IS.This was done before me.

Check the list ACL on the package. If it is set to something cusotm ACL then deploy that ACL on to the new server and add the needed groups.


its all default…
i dont know what else we could check.

Do you have everybody group in the default ACL group? and is Adminsitrator user part of this Default ACL group?

yeah I see local/Everybody

OK it doesn’t make any sense but I found a work around for this.
Click on Help on top right corner.
Enter your uid/password and enter.
Then try Packages/Management and it listed all the packages.

FYI:I saw the same issue on Firefox 3.6/Explorer 8.

Thank you all !..appreciate your help guys devexpert and akki!

Cookies issue perhaps?

i cleared my cookies too. still didnt work.

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