Overview permission of Users and Groups


I got a question to other Mashzone NextGen Users.

As there is no Overview of the permissions which are assigned to individual users and to the user groups how do you manage to keep track of the assigned permission.

In the Mashzone Legacy there was an overview which users are assigned to which user group.

In the Mashzone NextGen there is no possibility to check the members of user groups, at least I haven´t found this option yet.


Hi Manuel,

the concept of role and group assignments changed in 10.4 considerably to NextGen 10.3 and older. Which version are you currently using?

Also, by “permissions”, do you mean the general access concepts (roles like “Administrator” , “Dashboard Designer” and so on), or the ACLs that can be assigned to users for each dashboard/data feed/alias?

Hi Helmut,

we are using the Version 10.5.

I mean the ACLs that are assigned to the individual users.

For example I created the User Groups “NextGen User 1” and “NextGen User 2” and I assigned some Dashboards to “NextGen User 1” and “NextGen User 2”.
As well I have Users who only have the permission to see Dashboards of the group “NextGen User 1” and the other way round so they are assigned to the respective groups as well.

I would like to see all the Dasboards and Users which are assigend to “NextGen User 1” and “NextGen User 2”.