Software AG MashZone NextGen 10.3 Release

MashZone NextGen 10.3 introduces significant new data visualization and data preparation capabilities to the Digital Business Platform. The 10.3 release brings enhancements in the areas of multiple language support, mapping and data management including:

  • Multi-Lingual Dashboards, translate static dashboard content into multiple languages to reduce the cost of supporting dashboards in multi-lingual deployments.
  • Mapping, two new geo mapping widgets, supporting points and vector areas is available based on OpenStreetMap.
  • Materialize the results of long running and complex data feeds in Terracotta DB (separate license required) for reuse in dashboards across multiple servers.
  • Visualization enhancements including data driven dynamic images in the image widget, hiding axes and labels on charts and setting the exact value on the slider widget.

Release Notes are available at:


On MNG 10.3, have you any idea to get the user id session ( from LDAP for my case ) to filter input type selection or any other components ?

We try the API “/rest/UserManagerService/getCurrentUserDetails” and it get the user of the last connected on MNG.

Thanks for your help.