Mashzone NG (9.12) - Connectivity with PPM as a mashable

Hi All,

The below query is on Mashzone Nextgen Business Analytics (9.12) connectivity with ARIS PPM 9.12. I could not find another forum for Mashzone NG hence posting this query in this forum.

We are trying to leverage the numerous chart types available in Mashzone NG (mashup views) for displaying data in PPM. What we understand from the user guide is that - a data source needs to be registered as a ‘Mashable’ for it to be used in Mashups. However, when attempting to do so - the PPM favourite URL is not getting registered. Also - there is no way to include a standard PPM data feed as a mashable.

Is there another solution for this problem? Appreciate your kind response please. Listing below a few things that we could build anyways.

a) We have been able to create a dashboard leveraging PPM as a data feed - but this does not allow using all the various chart types possible using Mashup views.
b) We have also been able to import “PPM Chart App” into Mashzone NG - but this simply displays the PPM charts as-is