Data from SQLDB to MashZone NG

Data from SQLDB to MashzoneUI

If someone wants to design his/her own application in Mashzone NG by using SQLDB data, then the below content can help to achieve this goal.

Here I will cover the below topics-

  1. How to create DataSources in SoftwareAG MashZone NG.
  2. How to create Data Feed in MashZone NG.
  3. How to use SQL Query in the data feed.
  4. How to create a dashboard and how to use data feed in a Grid.

Here my end to end scenario will be -

Access the SQL DB using data source in MashZone NG, create data feed out of it and display the content in Grid by filtering out the unnecessary data.

  1. First I will create a DataSource in MashZoneNG.

HomePage -> Administrator -> Admin Console - >JDBC Configuration -> Data Sources

Click “Add data source” Button and provide the needed data(DataSource name, JDBC Driver, JDBC URL,Username and Password)

And Save the configuration and Test the connection.

  1. Create a Data feed – HomePage - > Data feeds -> create data feed

Select Data Sources tab and goto other. Click JDBC

Then select the already created DataSource named “processVisibility”.

Provide the appropriate SQL query to retrieve data from a table. In my case I want to display some specific data which is required for my application.

And Save the Data Feed and Click the calculate preview button to check if the correct data is coming or not.

Retrieved data will be displayed like this-

  1. Now I will display these data in a dashboard by adding a Grid in it.

HomePage->Create a DashBoard and Select the Grid from the left Panel

Then click Assign Data and select Data feed as a data source.

Select the data feed by clicking “select data feed” button.

And click Next Button.

Then Select the necessary columns into the component configuration. And click ok.

All the selected data will be shown in the grid like this-

So like this we can integrate any DB data sources in MashZone NG and display the data as per our requirement.