MashZone NextGen Explorer and Digital Event Services

MashZone NextGen was previously known as Visual Analytics. MashZone NextGen Explorer provides the means to interactively visualize, explore, analyse and blend streaming and historical data from multiple sources. MashZone NextGen Explorer has a particular focus on IoT use cases. MashZone NextGen Explorer allows operations analysts, maintenance specialists, researchers, developers and data scientists to do their job more effectively.

Installation and Starting Servers: 

1) From SAG Installer, Select MashZone NextGen -> Explorer 10.1 and give valid licence.

2) Once the Installation is successful, start the MashZone NextGen Server(“<Install folder>\MashZoneNG\VisualAnalytics\bin\vaserver.bat”)

3)Access MashZone NextGen server using the url : localhost:9002


MashZone NextGen Explorer -uses Digital Event Services data sources using 2 stages:

Stage 1: DESEventBroker creates a DES Instance and subscribes for configured event types and writes them to a Kafka topic.

Stage 2: A JSON file describing the real-time data source is deployed to the VA instance.

DESEventBroker Micro Service :


                        "level"    : 90,

                        "impl"     : ""



                        "level"    : 91,

                        "impl"     : "",

"options"  : {

                                    "config" : {

                                                "subscriptions" : [


                                                                        "eventTypeName" : "com.softwareag.van.SensorReadingWithTime"






JSON file :


  "messageType"     : "com.softwareag.van.SensorReadingWithTime",

  "windowSize"      : 60000


Working with MashZone NextGen and DES :

a) Once the MashZone NextGen Explorer server is started, it also starts Kafka and ZooKeeper servers.

b) Once the MashZone NextGen Explorer is up and running, notice the “DataSource <datasourcename> created. User=system” message in the console.

c) A metadata file is created under (<Install dir>/MashZoneNG/VisualAnalytics/data/auto-deploy/stream). This metadata file contains field names and its types, MashZone NextGen Explorer extracts this file from subscribed event type as well as description of real time data source like its event types. This vsd file contains information such as Repository location, name of the topic holding the event data, urls of the Zookeeper and Kafka Instances.

d) Access MashZone NextGen Explorer using the url localhost:9002 by giving Username as “Administrator” and password as “manage”.

e) Click on Explore, which takes to the data stream which is created in previous step. Open the Data Stream.

f) It shows the Dimensions and meausres.

g) Dashboard contains 2 tabs namely Insights and Visualizations. Insights view displays the details of the dimensions and measures contained in the datasource. Insights view gives the overview of the data in the form of several criteria such as min, max, avg, count, stddev. Visualizations provides different types of charts like line, bubble, contour, bar etc.

h)Playback mechanism : digital event flow is recorded and can be used for later analysis. User can easily start, pause or rewind streamed real time data.