Output of wm.tn.profile.getExternalID

Hi techies,
We are migrating from 9.12 to 10.5.
I am seeing an issue with the output of the service wm.tn.profile.getExternalID, when external ID is same for different ID types (external ID is abc for both ID type 1 and ID type 2 for example)
In the version 9.12, we are getting the first value in the list as an output of the service and in 10.5 we are getting the value from the last. Has anyone encountered similar issue?

DB fix levels

code version name data
TNS 10.5.fix3 TradingNetworks
TNA 10.5.fix3 TradingNetworksArchive

OPM 9.0.1 OperationManagement
MWS 10.5.fix1 MywebMethodsServer
ISC 10.3 ISCoreAudit
ISI 10.5 ISInternal
DSL 7.1 DistributedLocking
IDR 7.1 DocumentHistory
XRF 8.2.2 CrossReference
CCS 9.0.1 CentralConfiguration
PRA 10.5.fix3 ProcessAudit
PRE 10.5.fix2 ProcessEngine
ACT 10.5 ActiveTransfer
CTR 10.4 ComponentTracker

Fix levels of IS and TN

Trading Networks Server 10.5 Fix 6

Thanks for your help

This issue is observed at our end and solution for this is to disable the index IDX_PARTNERID_IDTYPE_EXTID from the table partnerID.

To Disable Index

  1. Click on select table partnerid from db client.
    2 . Find the Index folder and select the index IDX_PARTNERID_IDTYPE_EXTID
  2. Right click on index IDX_PARTNERID_IDTYPE_EXTID and select disable.
  3. Refresh DB and test.

BR, Kiran

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