<outbound> tag being inserted into payload when sending via WS connector/SOAP call

I have an integration that I consumed a WSDL from a partner. I am submitting an XML payload to TN. TN then calls the flow service that makes the WS call to the connector. In our DEV env it tested out just fine. But when we migrated to our TEST/QA env, for some reason it’s inserting Y. Here’s an example:



Has anyone send this before? I cannot locate where or what could be inserting the Y


one point can be TN itself.

Can you provide us the version of IS & TN (incl. applied Fixes)?
Are there any differences for these between DEV & TST/QA?

Unfortunately we are not using TN in its full functionality in our project, so I hope that someone else will continue to assist you in this case.


Thanks for the info Holger…I did look in our TN settings and didn’t see anything there. However upon more digging, we found that our application monitoring tool was the culprit. It was inserting the tag into the SOAP env header. And the reason we didn’t see this in our DEV env is because we don’t monitor the servers there, but we do in TEST and PROD. But wanted to give an update that we found the issue.


Even we are facing the same issue in Prod Environment. Initially there are no issues with the consumed web service invocation in Prod.

All of a sudden web service invocations are started failing.

After analyzing the soap request found that the outbound element is getting populated automatically in the soap request when we hit the consumed webservice.


we don’t have any monitoring tools in place for Prod servers and there are no recent changes on the Prod servers.

IS version —> 9.5
Fix Level —> Core Fix3

please let me know if you need any details.

Thanks ,

we have identified the issue. we have a monitoring tool called wily for all the Prod servers.

recently the team upgraded the wily to the latest version which caused the issue.