Outbound Processing using TN and Modeler

How can I use my internal IS document to kick off an outbound process, to initiate the TN document and the model associated with it? Basically, I have an internal IS document that contains processing values from the Back-end system, and need to be able to use this doc to send out an outbound XML document to the Trading partner.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



First thing is create a Process Model (you can follow either top-down or bottom-up approach) and this process model subcribes to the internal document from your backend system (via Enterprise broker) and define appropriate steps (where steps invokes different IS custom flow services defined on logical server)connnected with transition links(liking of steps) and will trigger step by step and produces final step with final service output say xml document and submit it to TN to your external Trading partner.

And get more detail information from wm_Modeler_Userguide.


Thanks for the info. Now, does this apply even if I have a TN and modeler at my end? what usually gets kicked off first (for the outbound) the TN or the Modeler?


yes,for inbounds TN will send the document to Modeler (via IS).

Kick-off point for the outbound will be the Modeler (Process model), since process model subscribes the internal documents coming from the ERP and will your model steps with process to TN at the end.