Oracle 10g installtion for Intergrations server 8

Hi ,

We have working on IntegrationServer 8 installed on ‘A’ machine and its connected to Oracle 10g in ‘X’ machine .
Now the oracle 10g in X machine got crashed and we planning to install oracle on machine ‘A’ .
Can anyone let me know how to configire IS 8 to new oracle 10g in A machine ?
or Do we need to reinstall IS 8 after installing oracle 10g ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nandini,

Did you do a root cause analysis as to why the Oracle DB crash. Now if you have decided to install a new Oracle Instance than simply shutdown the IS . Go to the directory /IntegrationServer/config/jdbc/pool and then delete the .xml that was created to configure the JDBC pool connecting to Oracle.
Create a DB schema for use with webMethods components like IS , TN etc.Once done start the DB configurator and execute the scripts for IS, TN etc as per your needs.
Now start your IS , it will give some exceptions for not being able to connect to a DB. You can now configure the IS with the Oracle DB.

If you were using MWS as well from machine A, you will have to use delete and new command for mws.bat or script at <MWS_HOME>/bin/ directory. Once done change the db details in mws.db.xml at <MWS_HOME>/server/default/config.

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