OPCUA Server issue


I am experimenting with the opcua server and the corresponding java agent: opcua-device-gateway-1006.0.2.jar
using tenant: hornet.cumulocity.com, backend & UI 1005.7.5.

For opcua server I’m using the Prosys OPCUA simulator.

I had some issues setting up the correct security mode/policies, but when the agent started scanning for nodes the following issue on the c8y website happened.

The OPC UA server disappeared from the tab and a permission error appears.

In the console log I saw the following error, but after a refresh not anymore (full trace in attachments):
ERROR Error: "Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: n.sent(…).json is not a function

If I go to device protocols to try to add another device protocol, for some reason I can select this as a reference server still.
Though, when I select it, I get the error “Cannot set property targetUpdateState on class c8y.ua.ClientConfig”

console_log.txt (4.89 KB)

agent_log.txt (16.7 KB)

In order to use OPC UA, you must be subscribed to the “opcua-mgmt-service” microservice. If the “opcua-mgmt-service” microservice is not available in your tenant, contact SAG support.