OPC UA agent connection : Access is denied


I want to connect an OPC UA agent to my cloud Cumulocity tenant.

I have populate the opcua-agent-gateway.properties with my tenant and my user account used to connect to my Cumulocity tenant and it correctly taken into account by cumulocity-opcua-agent.jar.

As there was a security/Forbidden error, I have imported the web PEM certificate into the cacerts java keystore but the error is still there.

May it be due, as mentionned, to missing opcua-mgmt-service microservice on Cumulocity side ?

As I do not have found additional information on this issue I hope that someone can help me on that.

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OPCUAAgentConnectionError.txt (17.6 KB)

“opcua-mgmt-service” microservice is not default feature of trail tenant. To run the OPC UA agent you need “opcua-mgmt-service” microservice subscribed to your tenant.

Please contact software AG sales to get access to this microservice if not already subscribed.

online doc says “In order to use OPC UA, you must be subscribed to the “opcua-mgmt-service” microservice. If the “opcua-mgmt-service” microservice is not available in your tenant, contact SAG support.”

Thank you for the help provided.

My agent is connected as I get the static credential from support.
So, I can connect a remote opc ua server but could not find the correct way for the absolute Browse path of the OPC UA device.
Not sure I have the “opcua-mgmt-service” but I will see that later on.

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