Cumulocity IoT Device Management - Thin-Edge uploading device certificate: Access denied

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Cumulocity IoT > Device Management > Management > Trusted Certificates
BACKEND: 1016.0.259
UI: 1016.0.259

Detailed explanation of the problem:

My user has global roles “admins” and “tenant manager”.
When I upload a device certificate, created from a Thin-Edge client via Web GUI of Cumulocity IoT > Device Management > Management > Trusted Certificates > Add Trusted Certificate, the UI displays “Access denied”.

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Instance = production

Can you open Dev Tools and look at the Network tab to see what you are denied access to?

Thank you. Please see screenshot. Maybe you need specific details?

If the Tenant Manager role was only added to your user recently, then you will have to log out and log in again before it will work (this is mainly to do with the token that is cached in the browser).

OK, so it’s failing on adding a trusted cert.From Open API documentation…

So whatever role you are using has to have tenant management admin permission.

Thank you. But I was already aware of this. I logged out and in. I also tried hard reload and deleting browser cache in debug mode.
Didn´t help.
I am using this user:

Hi Robert, as I already answered Reuben, I am using a user with tenant admin rights. I did logout/relogin, also deleting browser cache, did not help.

Neither your admins role or Tenant Manager have Tenant Management Admin permission.

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Oh! Thank you very much. I was too fast and I relied on the wording “Tenant manager” for this role. That this role has not activated tenant management rights…

I will try and then I will be fine.
Thank you again very much.

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