OPC UA Gateway configuration and registration Error


I am testing the configuration and registration of the OPCUA connector but am getting the error: Http status code: 401 {error=“security/Unauthorized”,message=“Invalid credentials!”,info=“https://cumulocity.com/guides/reference/openapi/”}

In the documentation, I see a requirement to register opcua-mgmt-service in the microservice:

But when I check in our microservie there is no registration opcua-mgmt-service:

Is this the problem that causes the error message when I try to configure and connect to the SAG platform?

Thanks you.!

Certainly if you want to use OPCUA then you need the OPCUA management service!

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Thanks you very much.!

I see the problem I’m having with the user authentication.

I’m following the instructions: OPC UA - Cumulocity IoT Guides and and using the following declaration:

I see in the declaration syntax there is no use of account and password for authentication. Which login mode we are setting is: OAI-Secure.

Please help me with this connection declaration syntax.

Thanks you.!

Hi Nguyen, the username and password are not necessary in this declaration. Please contact your support first to get opcua-mgmt-service microservice and then continue following the instruction, you will see the gateway on the platform in this step: OPC UA - Cumulocity IoT Guides

Dear Yishu Zhong,

Thanks you very much.

I will work with my team again to apply for a license for the opcua-mgmt-service.

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