OPCUA issue


We have client C8y platform running at 10.6 version. And we are using OPCUA agent of same version and connecting to clients OPCUA server. We are able to connect to the server and scan the address space successfully. But when i create the device protocol and map the namespaces, it is not creating the device except some constants namespaces.

As you can see the image, actual device is in port (9) and while creating device protocol using that and namespaces within it, devices are not getting created.
But when device protocol is created using constant’s namespace devices are getting created.

Has anybody faced this issue? Please Assist! Any pointers or guidance would be of help.

Hi @Bishan_T_Prasad ,

could you share how the device protocol and the created devices looks like?
Usually you would get one “device” for each protocol.

Hi @Kai_Sieben,

sure. The image below is the working one.

And the non-working protocol which has not created any device.

Have I provided what you asked for ? or are you looking for something else?

From “opcua test” it seems that you selected a “Reference server” when creating the protocol is this correct?
Could the issue be related to this?

@Kai_Sieben I don’t think so as I tried with same client’s OPCUA server and protocol configuration in 10.15 environment and its working perfectly fine there. This is the issue with actual devices only and with constants its fine. So not sure what could be the underlying issue.

Got the issue. Thanks for you inputs and quick response @Kai_Sieben

Issue is with the path of the namespace that i was selecting. By default the path that is appended in the input box is wrong. I corrected it by editing the path.

Correct path is like below

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