Troubleshooting of OPCUA device protocol


Welcome Readers,

In this blog, I have mentioned some of the issues faced during OPCUA setup and possible solution.
Lets get into the topic.


  • Why is OPCUA scanning not completed?

    The reason could be that address space of the OPCUA server is huge and there could be possible frequent timeouts happening while scanning. To find out that run the OPCUA agent by adding the following to log.xml file.

    <logger name="com.cumulocity.opcua.client" level="TRACE" />
    <logger name="" level="TRACE" />

  • Why do I not see the datapoint even after adding the datapoint varaible in the device protocol?

    Check if the datapoint is sending the data and its interval.

  • Why am I not able to see the device even after device protocol is created?

    Check the variables path if it is correct. If any one variable’s path to the data-point is incorrect, then the device creation gets affected.

  • How do I validate the path to datapoint?

    Path can be validated by creating operation. Check OPC UA - Cumulocity IoT Guides for more info.

  • I get ‘Header and Data size mismatch’ error while uploading the bulk device protocol file.

    Check the file extension if the file is csv or csv UTF-8 encoded. If it is csv UTF-8 encoded then change it to plain csv extension.
    Check if all mandatory headers are filled.