ontology was not found error for MDL

Dear Wmusers,

Looking for your help to resolve this MDL issue.

I have newly installed Meta Data Library(MDL) in our development environment through wM installer and executed scripts for Metadata library using DB Configurator. Installed MDL in default port “8090”

and started MDL from windows services, It is showing as started status and also I could see “Server Started” message from MDL server log file.(webMethods7\MetadataLibrary\library\server\library\log\server.log)

and I have executed mlivp/setup.bat for the first time setup as per MDL user guide.

If i open [URL=“”]http://serverip:8090/fabric-admin[/URL] in browser and I could see Server Function option for MDL and other password setup details.

While I am trying to connect MDL from IS-AssetPublisher–> Configuration–> Test connection, I am getting the following error after clicking Test connection button:
error: unable to connect to metadata library and
It’s showing error message in IS like [metadata.IMetaStoreImpl.ConstructorExceptionE] [META.CER.0047] Error creating Store Instance’Library has not been setup. [URL]API Integration Platform | Software AG ontology was not found.'."

Environment: wM 7.1
Information provided in the Asset Publisher Configuration (Solution–>AssetPublisher->Configuration)
IS Host Name
Protocol HTTP
Port 8090
User Name Administrator
Password manage

Note: I have installed MDL in the same server/host, where my IS is available.

Please advise.

Thanks in Advance

Any clue/suggestions? Could you please help to resolve this. thanks in advance!

Have you resolved this issue?

I am also facing the same issue, if anybody able to resolve the above issue?