Obtaining envelopeDocuments document list from TN for UNEDIFACT Envelope


When you make a call to tn:recognize, the stated outputs are the bizdoc and the TN_parms documents. However, in addition to this, for UNEDIFACT Envelopes, a document list called envelopeDocuments is returned. This document list contains all of the EDI messages held within the envelope. This is very useful as it allows you to check for “Unknown” message types. However, I want to do this check after the document has been submitted onto TN at which point I may not have access to this variable (i.e. if the document is reprocessed, the pipeline will no longer exist)

My question is this: does anyone know of another service that returns envelopeDocuments based on a bizdoc or internal id? Further to that, does anyone know if full and complete documentation of all tn services (including inputs and outputs) exists?

Many thanks