Object Statistics report?

What conditions within the an application would predicate NEE to state…

“No data found for Report”

…for the Object Statistics report? The application has been populated with no unusual conditions; all other reports appear normal – no missing objects, no unused objects. This application is the batch component of a larger app – no maps, no menus – just batch programs, a handful of subprograms and DDMs.

Object Statistics depends on the metrics having been generated. This is done normally at load if the METRICS= setting in the [LOAD] section of the NATENG.INI file (if PC) is set to Y. Alternatively they can be generated by running the “Generate Application Metrics” context menu item when positioned on a library name within NEE.

This is NEE on z/OS, so there is no “Generate Application Metrics” option that I can find. To this point, all metrics have been calculated automatically for all other applications during the Extract/Load processes. As far as I can tell (and this is the 19th application so far that I have fed into NEE) metrics have been generated. I get reports for the other available metrics (Object Quality, Reliability & Maintenance). This is the first time the “No data found for Report” condition has appeared for the Objects Statistics report. I have re-Extracted and re-Loaded twice, just to be sure that everything looks “normal.” It seems to me that if there is but one object in the application, I should be able to get Object Statistics for it.

Ok on z/os check the Extract and Load Selection Criteria (Option ES) when an application has been selected. There is a Calculate Metrics flag which should be set to Y.
When you then run the load you should see in the job log messages such as…

Load Repository Count= 10 of 38 Obj= XXGETID
Generating Metrics for XXGETID
Metrics calculated for XXGETID

Thanks, Graham. On the Extract & Load Criteria, the Calculate Metrics option was blank. :roll: All is well.