System Object Handler summary report

I’ve seen some resistance to the move from SysTrans to SysObjH because the Object handler doen’t provide a summary report as SysTrans does. Here’s a dialog to display a summary of a System Object Handler detail report.

I hope that SOH-STAT also serves as a simple example of a dialog.

Simply drag-n-drop the source and object modules into a Natural library.

Some notes:
. It was developed in Natural
. It demonstrates use of a Listbox, Editarea, pop-up messages, hourglass cursor, and the PICK-FILE-action.
. The default directory and file extensions should be set manually to your preferences. See the local data area.
. . default directory: %TEMP%
. . default extension: TXT
. A sample of the output is attached as a JPG.
. Unlike the Systrans report, it makes no distinction between source and object modules. (50.4 KB)