Number of users on one server

Is there a recommended number of users to have on one server before you have too many users hitting the same server? We have a rather large server(CPU 3.4 GHz, 5.93 GB of Ram). Our users are starting to see a slow down when they are navigating from screen to screen. We only have about 52 users currently so I do not see why the lag between screens changing. Do you have any recommendations for this problem?

Thank you,

General rule of thumb is about 500 users per server. What is the hardware and OS being used? What other applications/services run on the same machine? Is the application server running on the same machine as ApplinX?

Is this a web application? What version of ApplinX are you using? If you turn on the basic logging in ApplinX, you can see each request and how long it takes. From there you can start to see if the problem is the host response or perhaps on the web application server side.