ERX error 00010006 No more registrations

Hi All,
We have implemented a C# application on a Windows 64Bit server using the .Net Wrapper. Our EntireX runtime version on the Windows server machine is 32bit, so we allow 32bit processing in the IIS configuration as a web extension, we are using .net runtime version 4.

The detailed error

00010006 No more registrations
Explanation An ERXRegister API call can register a maximum of 256 threads at a time with the EntireX RPC Runtime within one process.
Action When using the C API erx.h:
Check program and correct error.

I can only imagine that this error is due to a combination of the 32bit constraint in the runtime and possibly due to high load when multiple users are on since it is an infrequent error. These production windows servers are (theoretically, at least) load balanced, and there are two of them.

I’m not sure as to the internals of the call to the runtime, so I don’t know where to start looking for a solution

Entirex version
Natural Version: 4.2.7

This seems a strange unsupported combination: framework 4, EntireX 8.0 ?!
most likely you are in un-tested scenario
Shmuel Coller

Is it reasonable within your application that you would have 256 concurrent processes at a time? Are the RPC processes using synchronous, non-conversational calls? How long is the server taking to respond to the requests? Are the client processes using an explicit logoff?

The rpc calls are all single and non conversational, there are explicit logons and logoffs (we use Entirex Security), there doesn’t seem to be a performance issue on the RPC server, the high water marks indicate this.

I suppose it is possible that there are 250 users at once, we don’t have the 64 bit version of the runtime, our supplier has not yet organised this version for us :frowning:

We have 600 users and two virtual machines in a server farm, would you suggest adding another virtual machine?