I want some recomandations what to setup tamino whit.

I have the last tamino and I want a fast xml database that can respond fast;)

So what do you recomend for webserver IIS or apache?

What to use .net and asp or jsp what??

Should I use x-plorer to develop on for a big website or???

So pleas give me some hints here becusse I have so many different people saying so many different solutions.

Thanks for all help

Hello DBB,

I suspect that no one has replied to this post yet because it is difficult (bordering on impossible) to recommend a one-size-fits-all solution for every problem!

Could you please provide some context for the recommendation?
Such as: what is the overall goal of your project?
Information on the technical environment would also be useful. Things like:
   - Which OS?
   - Which programming language(s)?
   - Which application server(s)?
   - What are the XML Schemas like?
   - How many XML documents will there be?
   - How many users will there be?
   - and so on…


Ok I was kinda thinking this Trevor
but here goes

- Which OS? Win server 2000
- Which programming language(s)? this is not shure .NET or java
- Which application server(s)? this is hmmmm
- What are the XML Schemas like? there are some that is whery complex and big. But thos are not called to muche. Mostly small is what we are aming for.
- How many XML documents will there be? whe have one database whit 300+ xml size from 500k to 6mb But thos are the one not muche called and we have the rest of the site that have small xml files around 100 of thos
- How many users will there be? there will be around 12000

The couestion also came after I have heard from some at software AG that x-aplication was slow and that the fastes was .NET But i like X-aplication and java better :smiley: so…

Thanks for any recomendation Trevor :slight_smile: