Unique Case Scenario with XML ..suggestions required!!!

I need few suggestions related to a unique case scenario with XML.I am having little XML programming experience with serverSide Java and XML.
From the end user point of view,I need to provide a web based GUI WITH JAVA APPLET or ActiveX to build
customized XML schema building environment from the business entities with
a simple drag and drop functionality of all entities on to the cANVAS.
After XML Schema creation,User may be intersted to add,modify,delete XMLdatafile and XSL file confirming to that XMLSchema.
also need to provide the functionlity for Add,Update Delete with a server side logic confirmed to that XMLSchema with native XML database .
all these XML(XSD,XML,XSLT) files have to be stored in native XMl database.
Do we have any open source implementaions on this similar case scenario.
Please come up with your expertized suggestions.

A couple of suggestions to get you started…
Build your GUI Applet or ActiveX control to produce a dtd or Tamino schema. If you prefer to produce a dtd, convert it to a Tamino schema using the supplied converter (see the Tamino documentation; Schema Editor; Schema Tools section).
Once you have a Tamino schema, define it to a Tamino database using a call to the Tamino API of your choice (eg the ActiveX API’s “define” method). [Alternatively just use the supplied Schema Editor to create and define your schema].

When your schema is defined, invoke the X-Application generator gui to generate an X-Application. This will provide query, browse and maintain facilities for your xml documents.

Thanks for your suggestions.Sorry for late response.I was working on XML schema wizard.I wrote a sample schema wizard using serverside java.I got an output of XML Schema from that wizard.It would be really great if you suggest me about using this XML Schema to store in TAMINO .Thanks in advance.