NSCUS PRC returned 5529

I am calling NSCUS to add a Group using AG type G and PRC is being returned as 5529.
Cannot find any description associated with this error message.
Anyone help with this one ??

The associated message is

Thanks Wolfgang, supplied type now fails with 5500.

5500 points to a VSAM error message, seems incorrect ?

Am running in a NAT 8.2.3 environment.

Correct error message 5500 located, have to read information from example code on SYSSEC

1 PRC (N4) /* Contains the return code.

  •                        /* This will be '0' if the function was   
  •                        /* performed successfully. Any other      
  •                        /* return code 'nnnn' corresponds either  
  •                        /* to a Natural Security error number     
  •                        /* or, if prefixed with '-', to a         
  •                        /* Natural system error number.           
  •                        /* You can display the corresponding      
  •                        /* message by entering the Natural system 
  •                        /* command 'HELP Unnnn' (for a Natural    
  •                        /* Security message, in library SYSSEC)   
  •                        /* or 'HELP nnn' (for a Natural system    
  •                        /* message.                               

Shame this is not documented in the Natural for Mainframes, Natural Security, Version 4.2.6 for Mainframes (Update) February 2010, manual I am referring to.