USR1058N. MSG-NR: 999 MSG: Function is not implemented

when you ran my example:

returns me:
MSG-NR: 999 MSG:
Function is not implemented

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Strange that the documentation (module USR1058T in library SYSEXT) doesn’t include error 999. The message implies a FUNCTION field, but you control it via the OPT-ACCESS field.

Does USR1058N work when you run USR1058P?

From the code of USR1058N, I see that the error 999 is returned if USR1058N.VERSION contains an unexpected value. Unfortunately, USR1058T neither mentions the error 999 nor does it really shows the latest VERSION value. USR1058N checks for VERSION 0-5. Indeed 5 is the latest (which I see). And 5 is also the VERSION which is used by USR1058P.
Which value contains your USR1058N.VERSION?

How do I get the version from natural?

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take an example they passed me from systext and just execute by putting my DDM.

You will have some simple example where only USR1058N is invoked.

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USER1058N.VERSION is a field which specifies the version of the user exit USER1058N which you want to use. If you are using the newest version of the user exit, supply the vale “5” in this field. The sample program uses this value (“5”) as INIT value.

I am occupying:
2 VERSION (I01) INIT <5>


This looks fine.
Can you please verify that the USR1058N found by your program, contains the newest version. Check your current library and all steplibs which are ahead of SYSEXT, whether it contains this object. If yes, replace it by the one from SYSEXT (or delete it and use SYSEXT as steplib if possible).
If you are sure that you are using the newest version of USR1058N, the only other reason I see for the 999, is that the underlying (internal) NAT-interface is outdated. This checks again the VERSION field and returns a 999 if the check fails. But the NAT* interfaces are delivered by Software AG and usually not copied by customers.

make a version change and now it tells me:

1006 Object does not exist

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is this good or bad news?

this is good news as i have managed to correct it and i already get the query.

thank you