Not able to see the process models in monitor


I am not able to see the process models in the monitor with users having monitor users or monitor administrators access. I can only see them with Administrator or developers access.
I am using monitor 601 SP1.

Any help would be appreciated…thanks


Check MonitorUser ACL and what group associations are present there?
Cross verify whether MonitorUsers and MonitorAdministrators part of this ACL.


Make sure Optmize is up and running, go to the Administration->Business then check if you see the “BAM server not available message”. if this is the case then your Optimize is not up.

One more thing , can you check whether you have configured Process Audit log to database and your IS is configured to database rather than embedded/local store. If you have access to database then you can check whether the PAL(Process Audit log) is getting updated.
I am sure you might have done it, but anyways it is worth checking this.

Hope this helps.