Not able to view the models in My webmethods server(Monitor)

I am not able to view the process models in My webmethods server through (Business Monitoring–> Processes–> Process Instances). Though, through Modeller the models were successfully Updated for Monitoring. I can also see the data in WMPROCESSDEFINITION Table. I also changed the extended setting for auditstore= database through IS Admin. The problem seems to be with the My Webmethods server( monitor) , am i missing some important setting/link for My Webmethods (Like settings for IS connectivity or any database setting etc.)?

I am working on webMethods 6.5 version.

Please help me in solving the issue.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Natasha,

please provide some more informations:

Is your Db setup correctly?
Is your IS connected to a broker?
Are the triggers for the PRT and your Model enabled?
Check under IS-Admin / Ressources / Trigger Management