Unable to view the model process in WmMonitor

Hi ,

I created a model in Modeler and Update the Model for Monitoring. Model is enabled. The model is processing the document from TN. I submitted the document in TN … and the Transaction analysis in TN console shows document delivered successfully. But unable to view the Activity in WmMonitor.

Can anybody tell me the reason why it not showing the process in Recent Activity …


You may still need to enable the process model. To do this go to IS/Packages/Management/wMMonitor homepage. Under Processes, select Process Models. Process models which have been generated and updated for monitoring, but not used yet, will appear in the Unused section (Enabled = No). Just click there to enable.

There is a couple potential problems. First, you must install a PlugIn from Adobee to view your model in the wM Monitor -» SVGView.exe. It is explicitly stated in the installation guide.

Also, after marking your model to be «monitor» in the wM Modelor, you might have to enable it - sometime - using the Flow Services in wM Developer (WmMonitor Package). It has happened to me a couple times.