Not able to move project to IS package while cloning from Git Hub

Hi All.

I am facing an issue while importing a packing from Git to my local IS.

I am using 10.3 and using GitHub as VCS.

I am following the required steps while cloning a package from Git Hub and the package is appearing in the Package Explorer tab also.

But as a last step when I am doing “Move Project to IS package” , nothing is happening. The local IS is just getting refreshed but I am not able to see my package in the package navigator.

Could not find any thing in the logs too.

Is there any setting which needs to be turned on .

Kindly let me know if anyone has faced any issue.



Can you check it in the IS Console, under Packages → Management?

It might be that the package is in IS, but failed to load due to some problems (ex: missing dependencies).


I got the issue resolved. We need to run the designer as administrator.
But I am still trying to find out if there are any fixes for it