Not able to locate Broker log file

Hi folks,

I am trying to locate the text based log file of the webmethods broker.
I am using webmethods 8.0 on solaris.

I found a file logmsgs in the Broker Server Data directory. But could not find anything useful in it.
I would like to see all activities on the Broker like starting , stopping, incoming message and outgoing messages with its contents.

Is it possible to do that ?Please help me to do it.


Broker Start/Stop scripts will be in BIN directory:

Ex path in UNIX:

Broker Log file will be in default directory:

Ex path in UNIX: /data/webmethods/Broker/data/awbrokers82/default

You can not see broker log as server.log I guess. we generally check broker status using grep commands and last updated time and date of broker log.

You can also check SYSLOG for more information.

But if you want to see the contents of incoming and out going messages ??

You can check the same in respective client queue in Broker using MWS or WmBrokerAdmin Package.

You can find Last received or updated time and date of the document type in a queue.


Using MWS or Broker Admin, you can see the contents of the message, only if the message is not consumed by the receiver.
I would like to see the contents off all the messages, regardless whether it is consumed.

Is there a way to do that ?