Broker restart

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We are using WM 9.7 OS AIX, have installed IS+ Broker.
Have few queries on broker

Can some one tell me how to check broker was restarted in past or not?
what all commands or navigation path for same ?

In AIX OS Unix box , I did ps -ef|grep broker and it’s show me active PID status fro broker and awbrokermon and it’s for very old date so the date which was ask me to check/analysis is doesn’t fall in that date so this mean it was false alert or to say broker was never restarted?

Where do i need to check broker past restart history ,when it was crash or restarted with date and time stamp ?
what all search keys/pointer/words i need to check in broker awbroker.cnf logs ?
OR Do i need to check in server.logs Will it give me exact cause for broker restart?

Kindly guide me looking for through analysis.

Let me know if you need any server/broker log files?

In Dir /xyz/local/apps/webMethods//Broker/data/awbrokers96/default

what all search keys/pointer/words i need to check in broker logs which can give me pointer for broker restart?

what I m missing here?

WMForum Members,

Any suggestion?

Vinay – I am not sure whether we get this information in logs but in OS, you can use history command to know what all commands been executed which may give you a hint.


Did you look at MWS for the broker logs. Check if you find some historical logs.


when Broker Monitor detects problems with the Broker Server it can restart it by its own to overcome the situation.

Broker Server logs are best viewed using MWS with Broker Portal (Messaging) applied as the log file only contains timestamps, codes and custom values like seesion ids etc.

Broker Portal will translate these into readable text.