Error: Cannot get the server log for Broker server


We are using 8.2 webMethods enterprise environment, and one of the broker server we are using couldn’t somehow find its server.log though the service/document flow is working (Error: Cannot get the server log for Broker server “”) does anybody has an idea where to start the troubleshooting?


Are you looking for the pointers to start the broker server?

The server log for the Broker is in the Broker Servers data directory.

Usually it is named Broker/data/awbroker/default/logmsgs.

indicate the installed Version of the Broker, default is the name of the server instance.


Are you sure about the location of server log for the broker? :slight_smile:

That’s right for 7x, 8x versions.


That log file is different from what you see on mws broker server logs.

Hi There,

We will get required details to see what’s going on with brokers from the existing logs of that specific loc.



I have just checked one of my 9.5 installations.

There are several log-files:

Broker Monitor:

  • Broker/bin/logmsgs.mon

Broker Server (instance-specific, default in this case):

  • Broker/data/awbrokers95/default/logmsgs
  • Broker/data/awbrokers95/default/diag.log[.]
  • Broker/data/awbrokers95/default/BrokerData.qs.log
  • Broker/data/awbrokers95/default/BrokerConfig.qs.log

MWS Messaging enriches the server log with the detailed messages, therefor you will only see the message code and some short messages in the logmsgs file. And the timestamp is converted from Milliseconds in the log file to a real date/time in MWS view.


Thanks guys for the info but my issue is in MWS >Broker Server Details > Server Log tab it displays "Error: Cannot get the server log for Broker server “”

I’ve checked in “Controlling Server Logging from MWS Administrator guide” but the guide already assumes that it can view server log tab. MY issue is whenever i go to server log tab it displays that error. Any area’s you might think of that can cause this error?

Please try restart the OS where that Broker is installed and restart the MWS/Broker…

See if it resolves.


Any good luck after starting the Broker server via MWS?