MWS Broker Document

I want to know ,How to see the original message content of the document in MWS broker?

the document content format looks like below when i opend the document in MWS,

is {

struct {

    unicode_string isBinName;

    unicode_string binNodeDef;

} is_bin[] = { 

Appericiate your help on the same!Thanks.

I guess that is not possible to see… lets see what others comment…

Check out whether you have any option to log documentType…

you can see the content of document in the queue browser.
look for Administration->messaging->broker servers->clients. If you know the trigegr name you can search with partial name of that and then when you open it you will see Browse Queue in one of the tabs.
click start to see any pending docs in the queue.
remember docs don’t stay in queue for much long if you want to see then lock the queue and click the link that will give you a popup showing contents of document.

You can able to see the content of message in MWS. If you want to test, if you have created any DLQ ( Dead Lock Q ) which maintains messages which doesn’t belong to any client, in this Q those messages gets quequed and you can see its content. In case if you don’t have any DLQ then disable any trigger which takes messages from any client Q, so that those messages gets stored in that Q, you can browse the Q and see the content.

Kindly let us know if you see difficulty in implementing this.


Thanks for your reply,I m able to see the document content by locking the queue in MWS.but i want to log all the publisable and Acknowledged document in MWS,Any one have idea on this?


try out the Broker Document Logging feature, the documents gets stored in the audit db.