No LOCKFILE to be deleted

I am getting an error message when I try to start WebMethods Integration Server 6.5 service stating "[webMethods B2B Exception] Service cannot start because LOCKFILE exists <5> ".

I did a search under program files\webmethods6 and there was no LOCKFILE to be found anywhere.

Any ideas why it would be throwing that message up?

Sorry if this is a double post.

Please check under webmethods6\IntegrationServer directory…

I guess I should have qualified that by saying the search included all sub-folders. But, I thought that was common knowledge.

So, any ideas why it would say it exists when it does not?

the lockfile is checked when the integration server has started , the purpose of this is to avoid multiple instances of Integration Server, It says it would exist when u did not shut down the server properly and tried to run an another instance of Integration server.

I rebooted the server, checked my server.bat file to make sure the syntax is correct and did a search of the entire C: drive for “lockfile” and it is still throwing back that error.

Do any webMethods devs check this forum?

It might be problem with windows service… i recall there have been few similar instances reported to webmethods…

Recreate your windows service…

Backup the Windows registry
remove key under HKLM\system\CurrentControlSet\Services:
(key is wmis for 6.5, webMethodsIntegrationServer_7-1 for 7.1)
reboot machine
confirm that service was removed from services
recreate the IS windows service
To create the windows service, use the file:

PS: Some time problem which you overlook due to “common knowledge” is hard to troubleshoot… anyways… wish u a good time on this forum…

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