Changing IS 6.5 startup settings from Windows application to service

Could you, please, tell me how I can change the IS to start as Windows service if it was installed as application before?

I used the \support\win32\InstallSvc.bat and the service is registered, but I cannot start it because it creates lockfile earlier and than reports that service cannot start because of internal problems (and I can see in the Windows Application log that it’s because of lockfile presence).

While using InstallSvc.bat I’ve provided \bin\ISNTSvc.exe as executable name. Is it correct?

Even when Integeration server runs as service, it executes server.bat there you can see it has logic to delete the lock file… check the user with which you have registered this service/running this service has access to delete the lock file.

Thanks a lot, you are right, the problem is solved.

Glad to know that!


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