No Integration Servers has been configured in a central configuration

Hi All,

When we adding IS server in MWS (Administration> My webMethods>System settings>servers) its not connecting & we getting
“No Integration Servers has been configured in a central configuration”.

Can any one suggest what it could be?


Hi Yeswanth,

please provide your wM version with Fix Level for IS Core, MWS Core, Monitor and Monitor UI.

For certain versions this is some sort of a known error which has been fixed meanwhile.


Hi Holger

Thanks for the response, kindly find information below as requested,
webMethods version: 9.12
I have attached the fixes we installed for IS and MWS however no fixes were installed for Monitor and Monitor UI.


IS 912 installed fixes.jpg
MWS912 installed fixes.jpg

Hi Yeswanth,

as I see Monitor Fix applied to IS it is recommended to apply Monitor Fix to MWS as well.
Monitor UI Fix is combined into the Monitor Fix. There is no separate Monitor UI Fix any longer.

Please have look at the Readme for Monitor 9.12 Fix3, i.e. Section 3.0:

3.0 Fix Requirements

Optimize 9.12 Fix 7 or higher. The Optimize fix includes updates to shared components used by
both Monitor and Optimize products, so would be installed even if Optimize product not present
on system.

It is also recommended to update to latest fixes for related BPM products
such as Designer, Process Engine, Optimize and ESB, and Business Console


Hi Holger,

I installed fixes that you suggested, but the problem still remain.