No DUNS number available


We are not able to get a DUNS number to create a external ID. Can I use any other parameter as external ID.
Please suggest.


What do you mean “We are not able to get a DUNS number to create a external ID”…Is the DUNS not showing in the ExternalID list??

Yes unless your company/trading partner can run transactions without DUNS# you can choose other id’s like UserDefined1 or Phone or EAN etc…upon mutual agreement.


The DUNS number is the default required external ID for TN. You can change this if DUNS is not an identifier you’ll use for all partners. In a couple of projects at different companies we changed the required external ID from DUNS to Mutually Defined.

Hi, Thanks for the post.

Now I have added one more external ID as ‘Mutually Defined’. But the problem is I need to change in TN the ‘Attributes to extract’ for ‘ReceiverID’ in the Document Type Details from DUNS → Mutually Defined…otherwise I am getting No matching doc error (…I also changed the input xml).

As I am using Rosettanet input xml, I cannot change the header format, and also cannot change the documentType as it might affect other partners. Please help me with a solution for this…pleaseee


fyi…But in Rosettanet Integrations you have to deal with (GlobalBusinessIdentifier)- DUNS only…in the RNO headers…with Mutually Defined it might not work…


In addition to rmg’s comments, it doesn’t matter whether or not whether the value in the DUNS external ID is really a DUNS. As long as it matches the value that is in the RN header, things will be fine.

And by having Mutually Defined as the required ID type, you can now have multiple DUNS entries for each TN partner, which may be helpful in non-RN integrations.