No defragmentation on Tamino DB-Files?

Maybe this Question is too simple, but I didn’t find any hint in the documentation…

Problem: I’m using V3.1 of Tamino und W2K.
Database defined and loaded.
Everything worked fine until I ran the W2K defragmentation on my system.

After this Tamino refused to start, passing the following errors to the SMH:
1) INODSE1083 [System error 2 (No such file or directory) when opening index space 1 (D:\tamino_locations\AAC00001.1I0)]
2) INODSF1436 [Terminated with errors ]
3) INOAAE0474 [Start of database ‘ch_db’ failed ]

Q1: Did the defragmentation corrupted the internal structure?
Q2: Is defragmentation a “NO-DO” then?

As mentioned above. Sorry