DB won't start

I have a new Tamino installation on a fresh Red Hat Linux 9 server. I’m able to create a database, but when I try to start it, it fails on the “Initializing journal space” step without giving any reason for the failure.

Here is an exerpt from the file AABinosrv.16:36:40.txt which appeared in the database directory:

2-APR-2004 16:36:47 INODSI1016: Initializing journal space 2-APR-2004 16:36:52 INOXHR8246: Starting XML threads 2-APR-2004 16:36:53 INOXDS7600: Define 'xs:schema' in collection 'ino:collection' Thread (33) <EXT_5a7918c0> Signal 11 at PC 0xe accessing 0x4002dcf0 System Error Code 2

Any ideas what might be failing? I can provide the rest of that file if it would be helpful; it contains a stack dump of the error.