New User doesnt get saved in MyWebmethodsUsers role

Hey Experts,

I have seen a weird problem happening with addition of user to MyWebmethodsUser role.

Whenever i try to add a new user to the role and save it , the user doesnt get saved to the role and it automatically comes out of the role.

However if i try to create a new role and add the same user it WORKS FINE.

I couldn’t find anything in the MWS logs. I t was working fine previously.

I’m thinking the restart of the server may help but i want to understand what is the problem .

Can someone help if they have seen this kind of behaviour earlier

-Arun Chollety

Hi Arun,

what is the source of the user (internal directory or external directory)?

When it is internal, the user is already part of the Role as it is a member to the Everyone group, which in turn is a member of the Role.


Before adding a user, did you check whether user was already added to that role ? If not, what sort of error you got. Share more details.